Weekend Roundup- Mother’s Day

Whew! I am exhausted.

We had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend over this way. Each year we host my side of the family for a Mother’s Day brunch. I love love love to cook and host so in a sense it is an ideal Mother’s Day weekend for me to cook all weekend but its not exactly relaxing.

This year Mother’s Day fell right on my Dad’s birthday and Hank really wanted to throw his Pop-pop a “construction truck birthday party” so that’s just what we did. We got a contruction truck cake and some caution cones. We gathered up all the boys play construction trucks and used them as decoration. We made my Dad’s favorite chocolate chip cookies and filled the back of a dump truck with them.

My Mom is gluten free and also a vegetarian and my Dad is a simple meat/potatoes kinda guy. Hank is as picky as they come and everyone else has their own preferences so it can be a challenge to accommodate everyone’s palates but I think I did ok. I scaled it back a bit this year with the food and I’m glad I did. Less stress for me there was still WAY more than enough for everyone and all their cousins. I’m like your Italian grandmother. If you tell me 5 people are coming, I’ll cook for 50. You will never go hungry if you are a visitor in this house. I think food is my love language. If I care about you, I cook for you.

My boys were cleaning as I was cooking.

My sweet boys put together and painted a dump truck from a kit we got from Hobby Lobby as a present for Pop-pop.

Saturdy was a complete wash out over here in South Jersey. We were soaked to the bone as we ran around town getting ready for Sunday. I took my boys to the amish market for a fruit tray (and fresh donuts, of course) and they were suddenly aware of the huge piles of cheese. They were mesmerized. It’s the little things, I guess.

Waiting very impatiently in the donut line.

After donuts, we headed to my sisters to hang out a bit. The boys watched Moana and ate donuts. Afterwards we did a couple more errands and headed off to church to have the mini rosaries we made blessed (HERE).

Finally on Sunday the sun was shining and we had a beautiful day.

The kids and Kevin made me these adorable pen holders (one for work and one for home). The picked out the colors and pictures themselves. Aren’t they just the sweetest things?! I’m the luckiest Mama around.

My chocolate faced kid decided that all of the caterpillars in the yard (there are TONS right now) are all his friends. He was going around naming them all and feeding them leaves.

Happy Birthday Pop-pop!!! He had some helpers with blowing out his candles.

Chuchi (great aunt) and Reid are collecting caterpillars.

My wonderful Mommom. Can you believe she’s only 21 years old?! You always look fabulous Mommom.

Hank and the birthday boy.

Hank and his Chuchi.

Grammy and her guy.

Two of my favorites.

My reason for being.

After guests we headed over to my in-laws to relax and chat.

I can’t tell you how incredibly blessed I feel to have such wonderful mothers in my life and also for a husband and kids who make every day feel like Mother’s Day.

My sweet sister gave me one of the best gifts. She compiled videos of the boys from the past year of my boys make this incredible montage. She made an incredible one last year as well. they are two of the bests gifts I have ever received and I don’t know if she will ever know the magnitude of what these videos mean to me.

Last Year:


This Year:


  • Reply Andrea Nine May 15, 2017 at 6:38 am

    Oh my gosh, those videos, so sweet of your sissy, a gift to treasure!!! The boys are so so precious! Love the pen holders too. So happy your were surrounded by sweet love, and good good, lol for your other’s day weekend!!

  • Reply Cara May 15, 2017 at 1:17 pm

    Those videos are priceless!!! Looks like an amazing weekend!!

  • Reply Holly Breton at Pink Lady May 15, 2017 at 2:06 pm

    Everything looks wonderful- great job! Hope you had an awesome weekend!

  • Reply Allie @ agalnamedal.com May 15, 2017 at 10:15 pm

    What an amazing gift from your sister! I’m itching all over thinking about those caterpillars- yikes! Your party looked so great! I love the cookies in the dump truck!

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