Weekend Roundup

Another weekend in the books with this crew.

I always think I want to go out to a restaurant or just out galavanting with my boys on Friday but by the time Friday night ACTUALLY comes around, I’m beat. I called my boys on my way home and they asked me to bring them home pizza. SOUNDS PERFECT!

I don’t know how it started but the boys love to eat pizza on the floor! As soon as I’m in the door they are grabbing the boxes from my hands and laying them down in the kitchen. They call it their Pizza Picnic and dive in straight from the box. It’s actually pretty fun and I can’t say I mind the lack of dishes to wash.

After dinner we all played in the basement playroom together. This little three year old asked me to take a selfie with him.

On Saturday morning we headed out to their friend Lucy’s birthday party. The boys were angels (#thankyoujesus) and they had SO MUCH FUN! Hank can be a little timid at places like this where kids are running and jumping all around him. It can be overwhelming but he was a champ at this party. It is such a proud mom moment for me when I see him coming out of his shell.

Shootin’ hoops with my boy.

Happy Birthday Lucy!

We also took the boys to Peddler’s Village over in Pennsylvania. It’s a beautiful shopping area with a ton of unique and quaint stores.

Skip’s Candy Corner was a favorite for these two, if you can’t tell by the taffy double fisting going on.

A little lunch al fresco at Saxby’s.

So these ducks…

It all started when we were in Gatlinburg, TN a couple of months ago. Our resort had a little arcade that Kevin took the kids to one day when they started getting rammy in our place. There was like 5 games, one of which was a claw game where you could win rubber ducks. It was super easy, it may have even been one of those “play till you win” games. Either way, they LOVED that they were actually winning. We were there multiple times a day and we left Tennessee with over 30 ducks. We still use them at bath time.

Now, they go NUTS every time they see a rubber duck claw game and no matter how long you play or how much you spend on these little ducks, a meltdown will happen when you try to tear them away. This day’s wasn’t SO bad but lemme tell ya, that blue duck in Reid’s hand was a BIG point of contention.

We also spent a little bit of time making Troll cupcakes. They were actually Bergen cupcakes because I have boys and they had to be “GRROOOOSSSS!!!” They may have looked gross, but they tasted delicious.


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