Weekend Roundup

Hi Friends!

Hope everyone had a fun weekend. We had a fabulous break from the winter temps here in Jersey. Everyone from our neighborhood was outside and there were kids everywhere and, for a moment, we all got to pretend that it was not February and that there wasn’t still two months before even Easter.

On Friday I visited with one of my oldest friends who just had twin baby girls.  These babies were SO precious. Even though I have two of my own I always forget how tiny newborns are.

I have to give them all of the credit in the world because they were handling the transition of new parents to multiples like rock stars. I’d probably be rocking myself in the corner.

On Saturday the sun was shining so we  headed outside for swings, slides,and scooters.

Our property has this amazing swing set that the boys were too intimidated to play on when we first moved in. Now they can’t get enough of it.

We ended up packing up lunch and heading to a large park along the Delaware River a few towns over. My parents took me here all the time growing up so it’s very special to me.

It melts my heart when they hold hands.

Sunday was all about the beach! Last week I shared a few of our favorite spots in Wildwood. Since it is still off season there were not too many things open. We spent most of the day on the beach playing frisbee and filling our dump trucks with sand. I will report that the water is COOLLLDD. I had to run in to save our frisbee when the wind (read: my bad throwing) sent it out to sea. It actually wasn’t as bad as I had expected but my feet immediately cramped up. No swimming for me any time soon.

It wasn’t cold, he just insisted upon wearing gloves. This kid’s got personality for sure.

We did the arcade that is open year round and went to dinner before heading home.

Back to reality today though. Wishing you all a pleasant week!

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