Weekend Roundup

This was a weekend that I was very sad to see end. We had zero obligations to be anywhere so we just focused on FUN.

Friday night started like most Friday nights do.


The rest of the night was spent goofing off, running around, and playing an extreme game of Hide & Seek.

Its still VERY cold in these parts so all fun has to be confined indoors. They are calling for a large snowstorm tonight and I am praying that this is the final winter storm.

Saturday was equally as laid back. The boys and I shopped while Kevin worked. When he came home we headed to the skating rink. We hadn’t been there since we were kids (update: it hasn’t changed one bit) but knew they had an arcade. The boys played a little and ate but by that time of day they were pretty tired.

We came home and set up the tent and the boys snuggled up for some living room camping while this Mama starfished THE ENTIRE BED. My sweet boys even let me sleep in and greeted me with chocolate chip pancakes in the morning. As the only female in the house (except our cat) the boys really do make me feel like a princess. They are all amazing and I don’t take them for granted for one second.

I think Sunday was one of our most successful outings with two toddlers. We spent the day at the Delaware Children’s Museum and it was SO MUCH FUN! Here is where I show you 405,000,000 pictures of my kids playing. And no, I didn’t have the camera in their faces the whole time. But I just can’t help myself sometimes! They look so darn cute or are having so much fun that I never want to forget the moment.

They ask that when you first walk in you head to the art gallery so that your projects can dry while you play. Hank was working the clay making a planet and a heart (a present for me!).

Reid of course headed right for the paint. This kid could paint all day, every day.

The Stratosphere! It looked pretty cool but I didn’t have high hopes for our kids. Hank won’t even climb in the play place at Chick-fil-A without me going with him and there was NO WAY I was going to fit in that thing. I’m 5 foot tall and very limber but the crevices and tunnels of this thing were made for children under 80 pounds…which I am not.

Would you believe this little turkey climbed all the way up to the top and down to the bottom all by himself?! I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal when you see a million other kids running around doing the exact same thing, but it’s a big deal to me. I know how hard he works to overcome his fears and I get so proud of every one of his victories.

Kevin was in his glory with this medical exhibit. They are listening to Reid’s heart.

Crew members. One of Hank’s future professions. His top career choices include:
1. Farmer (so he can give flowers to people who don’t have any flowers)

2. Builder on sunny days/Doctor on rainy days

3. Fisherman

I think this was the best exhibit. They had a long flowing pool where you could change the water paths to create rivers and dams. You could spin the wheels to make the rain come down from the cloud above. It was fantastic. The boys grabbed their smocks and engrossed themselves with the boats.

My little mechanics were also hard at work on this engine. Hopefully they learn a few things. Lord knows I don’t know the first thing about cars.

He can already fix a flat better than I can…not that I’ve ever even tried.

There were so so so many more fun exhibits that we enjoyed. If you are local, I urge you to try this place and call me so I can meet you there.

The kids were being so well behaved that we decided to tempt fate and head to our absolute FAVORITE Mexican restaurant. Luckily, fate was on our side and they enjoyed it as much as we did. Kevin and I lived Delaware for awhile and actually got married there. It was such a fun time in our relationship when we were young, about to be married, and were really exploring all the fun things in life outside the bounds of college life and living with our parents. All of our favorite haunts hold a lot of sentimental value and we love to hit them up as often as we can.

Give him all the salsa.

Hank rounded out his weekend with a fresh cut…

…while I finished up my bracket and thought about what I’d do with my winnings (boring house stuff).


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! This week’s tasks are all up in the air with the pending snow storm but I have a feeling that snowmen and brownies are in my very near future.

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    Boo for snow- it’s going to be cold and rainy here so not a too fun break! The children’s museum looked nice and calm- ours in Houston is wild and you are always having to do a head count. Eat a brownie for me and stay warm!

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