Valentine’s Gifts To Enjoy Together

As much as I love to give gifts, I am pretty terrible at receiving them. I have serious gift anxiety. I’m not kidding. I had panic attacks before my bridal and baby showers. I realize that people put time, effort, thought and money into something special for me. I always want them to know how honest and truly thankful I am but I stress about it being genuine so much that it comes off phony and rehearsed. Then I stress that they didn’t feel my appreciation. This happens every birthday and Christmas as well. A long time ago Kevin and I decided that Valentine’s Day was not going to be a stressful day. Either we just wouldn’t do presents or we would give something that we can enjoy together.

Chocolate Liqueur filled candies

Enough said, right? I have to admit that I’m pretty intrigued by these. Kevin got a large set from one of his patients this Christmas but he let one of his colleagues take them home. I don’t even drink liquor but I was a little bummed I didn’t get to try.


Go to a play or a concert. It doesn’t need to be anything crazy. Our local theater puts on AMAZING productions that make the perfect date nights.


I mean board games but you can get a joint video game if that’s your thing. Jenga. Scrabble. Life.  You can spice it up and try “I’ve Never“. A little competition can be great foreplay. Just remember that it is just a game. My husband still won’t let me live down the time (TEN YEARS AGO!!) I flipped the monopoly board after he won three games in a row. We get pretty competitive with one another.

Handwritten letter

I gave Kevin a handwritten  as one of his Christmas gifts this year. It is easier for my to write my feelings rather than say them. Sometimes I don’t remember to tell him how much he means to me between all of the “What time are you getting home?” and “Can you pick up more milk?” conversations. Writing a letter to each other will tell you what is in your partner’s heart. Plus, you can keep it forever.

Get creative with your relationship history

(Our 1st home. We bought this house when I was only 23. I LOVED this house!)

A watch or new perfume is great but I would rather have something that speaks to our relationship. When Kevin and I moved out of our first home he had the sweet idea of taking our house numbers with us. We replaced them with similar new ones for the new owner but held onto the old 4-0 that had hung on our first home together. I think I’ll pull them out so that we can frame then this year. Looking at those numbers that hung by the door will be a great reminder of all the things we have endured and all of the hello and goodbye kisses that those numbers have seen.


I nice meal at home is an obvious one and one you have probably done multiple times. Try switching it up this year. Grab a couple different desserts from the bakery and do a fun tasting. Order a ton of apps from your favorite restaurant. Go straight to the alcohol and do a beer or wine tasting. Talk about the ones you liked the most. Look up gourmet s’mores on Pinterest and have at it. Although I don’t know why you would want to do a tasting when you could have…

Heart Shaped Pizza

Kevin, if you are reading this post then you now know what I want. Who are we kidding? This is what I want every year! I don’t know why but I love love LOVE Valentine’s day only because I can get a heart shaped pizza. It makes me inexplicably happy. My ideal Valentine’s Day involves curling up with my man by the fire while we talk, maybe watch a movie, and GO TO TOWN on a heart shaped pizza. I hope this isn’t just a regional thing. A lot of small mom-and-pop pizza places in this area make these just for Valentine’s Day. One of my favorite pizza places in my hometown has the delivery driver wear a tuxedo when they deliver your food. They will also write any message on you pizza in pepperoni! #heaven


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