My Loves

Brace yourself. This is going to get longwinded.

In honor of Valentine’s Day I am joining Andrea to talk about my loves. I hafta tell ya, I gotta lotta love for this crew.

I never imagined that my life would be filled with so much happiness every day.


This hot photo bomber is my guy. We met when I was 19, dated a short while when I was twenty. We separated, but always remained friends. At 22 we got back together and TWO WEEKS LATER GOT ENGAGED! Every person I knew was like “Huh? Who are you marrying?” “We’ve never even met the guy and you’re marrying him?!” SURE AM!

I’ve always said that my impulsive decisions are always my best decisions. I just KNOW when something is right and supposed to happen. I was supposed to marry Kevin. He was the guy I measured every other guy against and no one compared.

Us circa 2008

The tough thing about marrying young is that you change so much.  Neither one of us even resembles the person that we were when we first met but I truly think that we have helped shape each other for the better. We have always accepted the change in each other and at the end of the day we love each other above all else.

After we got married Kevin decided to pursue his doctorate in PT. So, off to grad school he went. He worked at it. Hard. He studied and studied and studied. When he needed a break, he’d hit the beach with his PT book in hand.

When Kevin sets his mind to anything, he does it with passion. He pursues his career with his whole heart and always wants to provide his patients with the best possible treatment. He has also set his mind to providing a life of happiness for his family. He works tirelessly whether at home or in the clinic.

Raking their great-grandmom Gigi’s yard.

Don’t get me wrong, we drive each other nuts…a lot. He can be moody and stubborn (who are we kidding, so can I). But we love him. And he is EXACTLY the father that I always dreamed my children would have.

Harrison (Hank)

My first baby. He is the one who made me a mom.

I always call Hank “little Kevin” because they are EXACTLY the same. He may look more like me, but his personality and temperament are his father through and through. The both have a serious one-track mind. When they are interested in something, they almost obsess over it. Both are introverts. Both love the outdoors, playing sports, and riding bikes. Two peas in a pod. And, just like his father, Hank is very serious. Very sincere. And very earnest.

Hank has never seemed babyish. He spoke very early and spoke clear as day. I was looking at a this picture the other day and was amazed. This was his second birthday and he was telling some funny story. It never struck me as odd until now that a boy, who was just two THAT DAY was able to tell stories and jokes to a crowd of party guests.

He loves directions and addresses. We will tell me the route to get anywhere, what exits I need to get off on the highway and, if he has been to your house, he probably remembers your address.

But more than anything else, he is sweet. He is always looking to do something to make somebody smile. He wants to buy presents for everyone he meets, donate everything he has to our church, and cook for anyone hungry. He looks after his brother with a protection that can only be described as that of a parent instead of a sibling. He is always teaching him lessons and looking out for him. They are truly best friends.


This kid. I’ve never met a human being that just loves life like Reid does. He sees the fun in everything and he takes nothing (and I mean, NOTHING) seriously. I think he relies on Hank’s cautious nature to protect the both of them. One time, Hank said “I’m going to jump!” and hopped off of the bottom step of our stairwell. Immediately, Reid rumbled up to the very top of the stairwell looked down with no fear in his eye and screamed “I’m gonna jump!” Cue my racing up the the second floor to catch him.

He is crazy in the best way but SOO hard to discipline. It’s difficult to reprimand him when I have to hold back my own laughter.

He worships his brother and wants to imitate Hank’s every action. We are heavily into the “I do it myself” phase which of course presents it’s own challenges but we are so proud at how independent he is. He finds fun and happiness within himself but shares it with everyone around. He is for sure a Mama’s boy and he has me wrapped around his finger.



  • Reply Kristi @ Happily Ever Griedls February 14, 2017 at 9:19 am

    Engaged after 2 weeks?! That’s crazy! When you know, you know 🙂 Your boys look like twins – how cute are they?! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Reply Allie February 14, 2017 at 2:53 pm

    Loved your story! My parents got engaged after a week and have been together for 35 years! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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