March Book Review

I don’t know if I was busy last month or what but I definitely did not read as much as I like. But, I did have some pretty great reads.

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A Man Called Ove / Fredrik Backman

I give it 5 stars.

I loved this book. Don’t we all know an Ove in life? A seemingly surly person who is orderly and stubborn. I know A FEW. I thought Backman did a tremendous job at taking a character who believes more than anything else that the world is black and white, and showing that there are many gray areas to his spirit.

This book chronicles Ove, a quiet man, newly retired, dealing with neighbors, cats and every other bothersome thing in life. Through memories you will see how Ove came to be the man that he is. You will understand his highs and lows and you will root for him despite his shortcomings.

First Comes Love / Emily Giffin

I give it 4 stars.

I enjoyed this one. It tells the story of two sisters who go on to live vastly different lives in the wake of their brother’s tragic death.

Giffin did a nice job showing how tragedy can have long term effects on the decisions you make. Both sisters will question if they chose the life they did because that was their path or if it was a result of their brother’s death. There are some regrets, some difficult family dynamics, and some forgiveness.

The Couple Next Door / Shari Lapena

I give it 5 stars.

This book felt very similar to Girl on Train. However, where Girl on the Train lost me a few times by being to verbose, this kept me enraptured.

You’ll read about a couple who returns home from a dinner party next door only to find their baby missing from their crib. As they fight to find their baby and keep themselves from falling apart you will see how relationships and family dynamics play a role in the greater mystery.

I do want to add that this is a relatively safe mama-read. I cannot watch ANYTHING where kids are killing, missing, hurt, whatever. If it is about any kind of child trauma I get into a panic and run away. I did not feel an impending nightmare/panic attack while reading this book.

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    Thanks for the recommendations! I’ve heard great things about the Emily Griffin book, too.

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