Home Tour- Reid’s Room

Sharing a little more of our home tour. Today I am highlighting Reid’s nursery. This room was the first project we tackled when we moved into this house last year. It was a disaster. I really wish I had a before picture but the room wasn’t even included in the listing photos with good reason. The paint was literally peeling off of the walls and one of the corners needed to be completely reconstructed. I’m lucky Kevin is a handy guy.

Speaking of Kevin, I tease him that he didn’t even know how to hang a picture on a wall when we bought our first house. Now, he can crank out a project like a professional contractor. When Kevin puts his mind to something, he masters it.

Anyway, here is a peak into the the living quarters of our littlest guy:

You have to tear this kid away from the train table.

Exhibit B

Had this made from New York Vinyl on Etsy.

Home Goods find.

AC Moore

Future blogger. He takes better pictures than me.


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