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This right here folks is the reason we bought our home. The kitchen is my sanctuary. It is not only where I cook our meals, it is where I review school papers, kiss boo-boos, and make lists. When you enter our home there is a very high chance that you will find me standing right in the kitchen. And this kitchen, is the stuff my dreams are made of.

When house hunting a large kitchen was at the very tippy top of my “need to have” list. It is the only thing I was asking for. And when you are planning out where you will live out your days, you want to be happy.

We were actually under contract with a lovely home around the corner but when this came on the market we made the hard decision to break that contract. It was risky, but we knew in our hearts that this was meant to be our home.

The kitchen has a unique shape and layout that makes it IMPOSSIBLE to get the whole room in one shot.

Doesn’t everyone have a fish tank and a jar of bouncy balls in their kitchen? Hank won these fish at our town fair back in May. To be honest, I dislike having them where they are. We move them to the playroom in the basement when we are entertaining and, while I would love to leave them there permanently, they are happiest in the kitchen. They they are moved they just huddle together in the corner of the tank and stay there. I never felt such empathy for a fish.

As for the jar of bouncy balls…sigh. Hank’s first word was ball. His life revolves around them and has since he was born. We can not walk past a quarter machine without using up every bit of change in my purse to get more and more and more bouncy balls. They were taking over the house. So now, they sit in a jar and he takes them out and replaces them as he pleases.

But my absolute FAVORITE thing about my kitchen is…TWO SINKS! Now, you might think that having two sinks is a little ridiculous and unnecessary. And you are right, but we love it. We truly use both although the one on the island gets a little more use just because it is closest to the dishwasher.

This down leads to the porch. The side panels of the door are screened and open to create an amazing breezeway (when the ground isn’t covered in snow like it is today).

This is our kid table from Ikea where the kids eat their snacks and do their crafts. It is plastic and wipes down easily. My little Oreo monster is

This was a wood burning fireplace that was converted to gas. The gas insert was removed and we need to decide which we would prefer. I love the look and smell of the wood burning but gas would be more practical with little kids.

I do not like much clutter on my counter but I do keep a mini coffee station. You’ll notice a picture of the boys with the Easter bunny in that frame. I can’t tell you how many time I have tried to change that picture with the seasons but the INSIST that it is their favorite and CANNOT be changed. Who am I to argue?

This is my stool. Well, mine and the kids. I am only 5’0 so Kevin built me a stool to reach the high cabinets but the boys are always dragging it around the room to reach the light switches, get their utensils, hunt for snacks. A tour of the kitchen would not be complete without our stool.

I’ll leave you with a pic of this little turkey who just told me he was Joseph from his “Baby Jesus book”.

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