Home Tour- Hank’s Bedroom

Don’t you just love seeing the insides of people’s homes? I find it fascinating to see how people have decorated and their style. I see it as a reflection of their family and their likes.

Today I’m excited to share Hank’s room because it is easily one of my favorite rooms in the house. Hank LOVE LOVE LOVES his room. If you are a first time guest to our house you better believe he will bring you right upstairs and give you the tour.

The main feature he loves is his bed which he calls his “fishing shack bed”. I antiqued and stained the lumber and Kevin built it to look like a little fishing shanty. Hank’s nursery in our old home was Woodland themed so you will still see some vestiges of that room but it is generally just “outdoors” themed, I guess.

Hank’s full name is Harrison but he got the nickname Hank at birth from my grandmother and it stuck.

The two doors lead to his closet and his bathroom. His bathroom has a jetted tub which is probably why there is not an access panel. I’m wondering if I should put something there to disguise it or paint it to match the walls. We painted his room over the summer but I wasn’t sure what to do with it at the time.

Do you think this kid has enough books? And, believe it or not, we come home with our arms full of books every week from the library. This boy LOVES his stories.

This picture came out dark but I made curtain rods out of birch wood to match the theme of the room and the wood from his name sign.



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