Current Makeup Faves

My makeup routine in one word is SIMPLE. I usually have a toddler sitting on my lap when applying makeup so anything complex is just not in the cards for me.  Today I am sharing my current makeup products.  I change my products when the weather is warmer but this is my current routine.

I know. I need to take better pictures.  I snapped this real quick on my way out the door.

Primer:  I am using MAC Prime + Prep Natural Radiance in Radiant Pink.  I have to say that I LOVE this primer. It comes on so smooth and help my foundation lay incredibly even.

Foundation: Another MAC product.  I’m kind of a MAC fanatic.  This foundation is full coverage with an SPF of 15.  In the summer I switch to lighter coverage with a higher SPF but in the winter I apply the Studio Fix in color NW25.

Powder: Another vote for MAC. This product stays fresh all day. It’s perfect.

Blush: Any guesses? Anybody? MAC for the win. My favorite shade is Desert Rose.

Eye Primer: I have been wearing this eye primer for years and there is truly not a better product out there.  I hated even wearing shadow because I would get creases within an hour. This keeps my shadow on looking fresh all day.

Shadow: Speaking of shadow, this is my fav. I know, me and everyone else right? But seriously, there are so many combinations you can make.  With this one palette you are set for any occasion.

Liner: This is my budget item. For 2 bucks a pop, I usually stock up on these. I bought this a few years ago to fill in until I had a chance to get to the mall.  I loved it and it’s stayed in my arsenal ever since.

Mascara: If you are looking for a great mascara, look away. I am not your girl in this department. I only wear mascara maybe once a week. If I do, its only to clean up the shadow that dusted my lashes.

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